At the polls: South Berwick voter, 18, backs Sanders

SOUTH BERWICK, Maine — American flags fluttered along the sidewalk in front of Town Hall, as people sat on benches Tuesday enjoying the sunshine and warmth.

On the third floor, reached by elevator, ballot clerks and voting booths awaited voters. Turnout was steady, with most voters being on the Democrat side, Town Clerk Barbara Bennett said.

Among the voters was 18-year-old Vincenzo Graziano, who said Tuesday marked his first primary election. Graziano said he voted for Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont in the Democratic race.

“Bernie will make a more appropriate president,” he said.

Graziano, who was supporting Andrew Yang before he dropped out, called the businessman “young and vibrant.” He was critical of the support Pete Buttigieg, the former mayor of South Bend, Indiana, had enjoyed from billionaires. He said he liked Sanders’ willingness to tax those billionaires.

As for Question 1 on the state ballot, regarding religious and philosophical exemptions to immunization requirements in schools and health care facilities, Graziano said he voted “no.”

“I don’t believe that religious and philosophical reasons are enough” to reject immunizations, he said.

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