At the polls: Kittery student, 17, all-in for Sanders

KITTERY, Maine — Traip Academy student Brian Chambers was among thousands of 17-year-olds across the state who could participate in Super Tuesday voting because they’ll turn 18 ahead of the general election in November.

A few weeks ago, Town Clerk Karen Estee held a voting registration event at Traip Academy, Kittery’s high school, specifically for students.

On Tuesday, at the Kittery Community Center polls, Chambers was all in for Sen. Bernie Sanders. He’s been supporting the U.S. senator from Vermont for the entire 2020 campaign cycle, he said.

“He best represents my interests,” Chambers said. “I’m really a fan of his platform. He’s a proponent of public health care, and has the most comprehensive and researched plan I’ve seen.”

Chambers said he has been particularly interested in a single-payer public health care system since he wrote a paper about it in the eighth grade. Also high in his consciousness are issues of labor and workers’ rights, which Sanders also addresses, he said.

Chambers called Sanders a “man of character” who wants “equality for all” and who can “simmer down the chaos on the world stage.”

Asked about concerns that Sanders’ democratic socialist views may be too radical to beat President Donald Trump in November, Chambers said, “When you compare him to other countries, no one there would bat an eye.”

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